Interest groups FAQ

What are Interest Groups? Interest Groups have been established to enable members who are researching their families in a particular area, to assist each other with their research and to share their mutual successes and difficulties. Most Groups meet once a month.

What does it cost? To join an Interest Group, a member pays $25.00 (inc GST) per annum in addition to the normal yearly membership fee, although new members  may join one Interest Group at no cost for their first year of membership. Annual memberships are due on 1st January each year;  fees for those joining Groups after 1st July are $13.00. Eighty-five per cent of the interest group membership fees will be donated towards the purchase of material for the resource centre. Members of the  group decide together what they wish to obtain in order to assist them in further research. In the past, groups have allocated this money to the purchase of specific books, CDs, films and microfiche, pertaining to their particular area.

Where do Interest Groups Meet? Interest Groups normally meet at the resource centre, however, one of the larger groups has decided to meet at a local outside venue.

Current interest groups:  See below for more information